Battlescars Foundation Tas Inc.

Fighting Mental and Phusical Illness

We are pleased to announce that we have our two recipients for this year's ride.

The first is 8yo Shanika Thomas from Burnie. Shanika had a very tough start to life and was on life support and as a result suffered brain damage and multiple seizures. She has cerebrral palsy and requires a new Second Skin Body Suit yearly ($2000), She also suffers from Microcephaly, ADHD, Epilepsy and has both vision and gearing impairments. She will be flying to Melbourne mid year to have further surgeries. She will also be receiving an assistance dog soon and all family, carers and teachers need to be trained in QLD for this.

The second is 7yo Indiana King from Wynyard. Indo suffered a stroke in the womb. Indi has sice been diagnosed with Epilepsy which at its worst hit 300 seizures a day, as a result of this she had a right side hemispherectomy which means she lost the whole right side of her brain. One of the biggest side effects of the surgery left Indi half blind in each eye, all before her first birthday. She has since been diagnosed with Autism, had to have a tendon transfer and calf lengthening surgery and requires ankle foot orthotics as she grows. Last year she was diagnosed with Ototoxicity, Scoliosis and adjustment disorder.

Let's all help where we can and raise as many dollars as we can to help these two families, if you're not taking part in the ride please donate to one of our wonderful riders (56 so far) or if you would like to volunteer your help on the day please get in touch so we can find a job for you.