Battlescars Foundation Tas Inc.

Fighting Mental and Phusical Illness


We recently held our Annual Battlescars Golf Day at Ulverstone golf club with another successful day resulting in 19 teams taking part and raising just over $3000.

Thanks to our wonderful group of sponsors we had over $4000 in prizes and every player went home with as a prize.

Please see our golf day page for results of the competition, congratulations to Kelvin Burk, Steve Segale, Trevor Weaver and Tony Ford on their 1st place, we have a picture of them below with their prizes of brand new golf bags and Battlescars caps.

Here are the results from our golf day at Ulverstone this year

1st Burk, Segale, Weaver, Ford
2nd Hallam, Kelly, Grey, Richardson
3rd Harrison, Buckingham, Dawkins, Gryta
4th Archer, Evans, Ashley, Bellinger
5th Parsons, Brett, Walker, Maine
6th Jackson, Hooper, Hart, Connelly
7th Woodland, Stillman, Owen, Campbell
8th Edwards, Edwards, King, Fennell
9th Maine, Maine, Clarke, Clarke
10th McAughtrie, Cornell, Wootton, Irvine
11th Ruffels, Ruffels, Vrantsis, Hicks
12th Hubbard group
13th Gleeson, Gleeson, Gleeson, Holden
14th Tome, Kitchener, Lee, Lee
15th Squibb, Helluga, Page, Maierhoffler
16th Jeeves, Wood, Gossage, Skirving
17th Astell, Astell, Sommerfield, Sommerfield
18th Simon Burke group
19th Lockwood, Hardman, Allan, Curran

Pro Pin 7th Page and Richardson
Long Drive 1st D.Maine, Ashley
Long Drive 11th Lee, Holden
NTP 5th Ford, Connelly
NTP 9th Hicks, Campbell
NTP 13th Buckingham, Kelly
NTP 18th Connelly, D.Maine

Long Putt Comp Tim Irvine

Thanks to all our sponsors and participants with every player winning a prize on the day.

The Battlescars golf day is an annual event held in April or May each year, it has previously been held in 2013 and 2014 and 2105 and is held to help raise awareness of mental illness.

The day is played in a 4 person ambrose format and is open to anybody, you don't need to have a handicap.

There are fantastic prizes and raffles on the day as well as a bbq on course.

This years event is being held on April 19th at Ulverstone Golf Club, if you would like to be involved as a player or sponsor please call Mark on 0400450611