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The Ride To Recovery is an 8 hour team cycling event held at the Devonport Oval

This is a fun cycling event designed for all ages with the purpose of raising funds for families in need of support.

 The event is designed around the concept of the Relay For Life but on bicycles. You simply form a team of riders to take it in turns riding around the track for 8 hours. It is a fun day ideal for School groups, families, friends or work places. We have a bbq running on the day, raffles and maybe some auction items. You are not required to stay the whole day if you wish to leave, simply ride an hour or so for your team and tag somebody else in. You are able to ride road bikes, mountain bikes or even bmx.

For safety purposes the track is split two with novice and casual riders riding on the bottom of the track and the quicker more serious riders riding around the top. All riders must wear helmets and have working brakes (no track bikes allowed).

For the more serious rider you can take on the challenge of riding the 8 hours by yourself (refreshment and toilet breaks are allowed). The records set at previous events was 210km for ladies (Kylie Johnston) and 217km for men (Michael Astell). If these records can be broken we will have a prize for the new record holders.

To keep people interested during the day we also have games being played in the centre of the ground, so if you think you can throw a frisbee closest to the target, throw a vortex the furthest, be the quickest runner or best catcher of a tennis ball hit high in the air then simply pay a gold coin donation to enter the game, there are great prizes up for offer for each game for kids, women and men.

The entry fee for the event is $25 per adult and $10 for those under 18 years of age.

For more information call Mark Astell 0n 0400450611

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